Monday, March 3, 2008

Meeting and Outing

Saturday, March 1 we attended the Cowboys for Christ event as a group at Tractor Supply in Knightdale. The main event was Roger Moore and an Horsemanship clinic. The kids enjoyed making lead lines and other ropes from the hay strings and learned how to do it to recycle all of our hay strings that we cut off the bales and usually just throw away. Fun!!! They also enjoyed learning and for some practicing what they already know - how to lasso a calf head! We ate Carolina Barbecue and then went back to the house for some more fun with the horses, ropes and lariats or lassos! A great time was had by all! Our next meeting will be the 15 of March due to the 4th Sat. being Easter weekend1 If you have never come to a 4H meeting we encourage you to give it a try! See pictures (will upload soon)to see how much fun we have!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feb. 23 meeting

We had our meeting this past Saturday. We had a great time and added 2 more members. Larry did a hands on lesson on Chickens and the children enjoyed that. Our activity time took extra long as we were all having such a great time. our new members Bryce and Madison played with the goat, rode the horses and Bryce even helped Larry go get hay! What a great day! I will have pictures uploaded soon so check back this week. Our next meeting will be March 1 at 10 AM. we have a Teen works event on the 2nd Saturday so we must move it up.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weather causes meeting cancelation

Well, we didn't get a lot of snow - not much at all, but we did get some rain and some cold! that was enough to cancel our meeting this saturday! Our next meeting will be the second Saturday in February - Feb. 9 at 10 AM here at Laramel Farms!! Hope to see you all then!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

More pics from 4H meeting 1/12/08

Meeting Oreo the Goat

Meeting one of the hens - we try not to name the chickens although they have named one - Cinnamon and she is more like a pet :)

Our youngest member bringing Dusty to meet the group

Marlee - our president and junior leader uses Dusty (show name - Alloda Dust)to give a quick lesson on horse safety

Everyone Meet Mystic Rayne

This is our 2 year gelding Mo-Mo (show name - Momma's Money)

Our little pony Superman - Kristofer will ride him in the barrel races - Kristofer Reeves and Superman!!!

Claire Bear our wonderful pony - she does barrels, poles, anything, great lesson pony! Brianna was very happy to get to sit up there today! She loves to ride!!!

Meeting Geico our African Plated Lizard

TJ talks a little about the fish - he is telling us that they are guppies and mollies and they do not lay eggs, but give birth to live babies.

2008 starts out Great at Laramel Farms 4H Club

Today was a perfect weather day for our meeting. We started out meeting with the pledges and prayer and had a pancake breakfast. We elected our 2008 officers:
President - Marlee Reeves
Vice Pres - Drae Reeves
Chaplain - Kalee Reeves
We have opted to wait to add a secretary and treasurer until we have some older members.
WE discussed all the available projects and the group as a whole did a Dog project today. But before doing that we met all the animals here at Laramel Farms (see pictures). As you look at the pictures you will see the fun! If you live here and have kids from age 5 to 19 who are interested in 4H, please contact us! As you can see we are not a club with one specific interest, we have plenty from pets to lizards to farm animals. Enjoy the pictures and watch the site for more information! Our meetings will be the 2nd and 4th Saturdays here at Laramel Farms at 10 AM! But always check the blog for updates! Have a great week! (look for more pictures to be posted tomorrow of the meeting. I am sure you will love them all!!!